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Residential hot water central boiler systems provide a comfortable soft even heat source without the dryness and dust particulates of a forced air system. Other advantages of hot water boiler heating versus forced air systems include; draft-less and consistent even heat, a low level of noise during operation as boiler pushes water or steam through a network of pipes and radiators and high durability due to the comparative fewer number of moving parts associated with a force air system. Additionally, newer boiler systems can achieve a high level of energy efficiency and reduce overall energy costs.

Boilers in their original configuration for residential use were utilized to provide a central heating source. Traditional boiler configuration included a gas or oil fueled boiler used to heat water or generate steam within the boiler tank to distribute through a network of pipes, radiators or radiant baseboards throughout the home.

Today, hot water boiler systems can be adapted to provide a heat source for radiant floor heating systems. Newer boiler technology can provide a central heat source for your home, keep radiant floors heated and provide domestic hot water, or in other words, the hot water needed for baths, showers, kitchen fixture plumbing and dishwashers. These dual-function combination boiler systems eliminate the need for having and maintaining the traditional hot water heater.

Heating and cooling costs can account for up to 30-40% of the annual energy consumption of a typical single family home. In climates such as Minnesota the peak heating season begins in early October and continues through April.

Older boiler systems often operate at 60% efficiency, which directly impacts winter heating costs. To minimize your heating costs when operating an older boiler system it is imperative to make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible. Having a proactive approach to maintaining an older boiler will minimize overall energy consumption. Having your older hot water boiler or steam boiler inspected annually is critical to maintain optimal functionality.

Upgrading to a high energy efficiency boiler can greatly reduce your homes overall energy consumption and costs. A typical 10 year old boiler when replaced with an ENERGY STAR rated boiler can reduce heating costs by 30%.